Ho Tin & Associates Consulting Engineers Limited is an independent consulting civil and structural engineering firm established in Hong Kong in 1977. Initially, the firm was appointed the consulting civil engineers for Fairview Park and, later, Hong Lok Yuen which were then two of the largest private housing developments in Hong Kong. Since then the firm has undertaken development planning, feasibility studies, detail design and site supervision including site formation, structure, roads, drainage, water supply, flood control and sewage treatment for various sites in Hong Kong including Sha Tin Town Lot No.1, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Savanna Garden and Palm Springs & Royal Palms.


The firm's capabilities and resources covering a wide range of projects have gained recognition in the private as well as the public sector. The firm has been commissioned by various Government Departments including the Drainage Services Department, Highways Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Architectural Services Department, Housing Department and Buildings Department.

Over the years, the firm has developed its particular expertise in sewage and waste treatment and disposal and has offered this service which includes assessment of the quality and quantity of sewage and waste generated from developments and the recommendation of their collection, storage, transfer, treatment and disposal, to both the residential developments and the industrial establishments. The firm has designed over fifty wastewater treatment plants in Hong Kong and Mainland China including the largest private sewage treatment plant in Fairview Park, Palm Springs & Royal Palms and Park Island.


The firm is well known for its experience in marine works including reclamation, seawall, pier, marina and floating pontoon system. Notable examples are the Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong Gold Coast and Discovery Bay.


The firm has also undertaken a wide range of structural engineering projects including foundations, basement structures and superstructures for high rise buildings such as the Argyle Centre Towers (commercial), Ventris Place and Hampton Place (residential), Delta House (I/O Building), and recently public rental housing buildings in Choi Tak Estate. For all these projects, the firm has been able to offer the complete geotechnical engineering services within its in-house resources.


The firm has thorough expertise in the management of large scale developments. Full scale services in civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering are provided. The firm can provide full service commencing from feasibility, design of plans, tender invitation and award of tender, site management and supervision, and acceptance of the completed works.